Rosada, is a brand engaged in designing, manufacturing and selling of Personalised gift items primarily for Babies & Kids. We also have a small section for Grownups focusing on the fact that- “every person has a child within”.

The sole objective of the brand is to create high quality simple day to day products and groom them with eyes of an expert and emotions of a child. This makes our products unique, personalised and possessive. Each of these product is a bundle of happiness, smile and memories for our loving babies, kids and their parents. All this in return motivates us to thrive for development and continue on this journey of Art & Creativity- as we call it!!!

Going back in time, like every big was small once, we also have a small story. A story of our journey in which every customer, every designer, every worker, every user and every follower is special.

Hear it from our

Creator & Mentor

“It was 2014, when I decided to shape up my long thought ideas and give my dreams, a wing in reality. It all started in the living room of my home as work place, my family members as enthusiast workers and my first few customers – true believers in me. I started creating hand made products under brand “ROSADA” – a Spanish word for Pink. The designs, the ideas & the quality were loved by everyone and with word of mouth it all gradually grew and with more than six years now-sky is the limit.”

I, take this opportunity to thank each one of you for helping me follow my dreams and make this journey so special.