Welcome to Rosada’s unique resellers program and be a part of our family.  The program aims at rewarding our associates with long term benefits and recurring income for their efforts in building a strong customer base and healthy and ongoing relationship with the company.

Our program is especially designed to promote woman who wants to perfectly play the role of a mother.. a wife…a daughter and along side utilize their ideal time and entrepreneurial skills to be BOSS-LADY.  Our flexible program encourages woman to run a home based business without any investment and earn smart profits.

As a reseller, there are two ways in which you can make money out of your sales.

  1. Buy & Sell Method

Under the buy and sale method, a reseller buys products from us at discount and resale the same to its customers at a self determined price. Discounts are given based on monthly purchases made by the reseller from the company.

The discounts offered are as follows:

  • Average Monthly purchase upto Rs.30000/- : 10% on the entire amount
  • Average Monthly purchase above Rs.30000/- upto 50000/- : 15% on the entire amount
  • Average Monthly purchase above Rs.50000/- : 20% on the entire amount

*All Discounts and cash back are calculated on MRP AS DISPLAYED ON OUR WEBSITE

Other than the monthly discounts, the resellers shall also be eligible for a yearly additional cashback on the entire purchases made during the contract period which can range anywhere between 5-10% based on performance.

Points to remember:

  1. All our products has to be resold only under our brand with our labels and in no circumstances the products should be relabelled or sold otherwise.
  2. All orders will be shipped to the respective reseller address and all shipping charges for the same will be paid by the reseller.
  3. Under this method, no product will be directly shipped to the customer.
  4. Images of the products should only be used for promotional purpose and only with our prior written consent. Any misrepresentations, misuse or otherwise use of products or images shall lead to immediate termination of the contract and legal action as applicable.
  1. Direct Sales Method

The direct sale method is a unique concept in which the reseller gets recurring income for the entire contract period (three years initially) on all sales made by the company to the customer acquired by the reseller. Under this method, the reseller will be given a unique discount coupon code. The reseller can share this code with the potential customers and ask them to order directly on the website. Once the customer places an order using the code, they automatically get a discount of 5% on the total value while you get a cashback of 5% on the billed value.

Not only this, every time this customer orders on the website using the code, they get discounts while you keep getting cash backs for the entire contract period.

So, every time a customer who was once acquired by you, orders on the website using your code, you get paid for it irrespective of you being aware or not  of their purchases. There fore you will keep getting surprise cash backs for entire contract period and believe me… you will love it!

To understand the entire process let us take an example:

Mrs. Richa has joined our reseller program and signed a contract for 1 year. Mrs. Richa is assigned a coupon code RIC05.

Now,  suppose Mrs. Shilpa is a customer acquired by Mrs. Richa and wants to buy a folder of Rs. 1000/-. Mrs. Shilpa goes to our website and places the order and on checkout uses coupon code RIC05.

On using the code, Mrs. Shilpa (customer) gets a discount of 5% immediately and thus only pays Rs. 950/- for the folder. On the other hand, Mrs. Richa (reseller) gets 5% flat cash back of the billed amount i.e. Rs. 47.50/-. The product is directly shipped to the customer on the address provided and the order is fulfilled. The shipping charge is also paid by the customer or the company as applicable.

Now, this customer Mrs. Shilpa places another order on the website after 20 days (with or without the knowledge of reseller) a baby set for Rs.5000/-. She uses the reseller code RIC05 (she has to use the code to get the discount) to place the order and gets a flat discount of 5% i.e. Rs. 250/-. On the other hand, our reseller Mrs. Richa gets 5% flat cash back of the billed amount i.e. Rs. 237.50/-. The product is directly shipped to the customer on the address provided and the order is fulfilled. The shipping charge is also paid by the customer or the company as applicable.

This continues for every order placed by Mrs. Shilpa during the entire contract period.

Thus on a monthly basis we aggregate the entire order value against code RIC05 and remit the cash back to the reseller.

Its a very fulfilling program and reseller is rewarded for every purchase made by the customer without any hassles, extra shipping costs or involvement of the reseller.


We go extra way to support our resellers…..

However, there are some basic conditions to be fulfilled as a reseller:

  1. The reseller program is launched with the objective to increase sales and give benefits to customers and resellers. Thus a minimum business of Rs.75,000/- per quarter (including both Buy & Sell Method and Direct Sales Method ) is expected from a reseller. Any sales below this will have to be justified and continuation of the contract shall be at the sole discretion of company.
  2. A reseller is expected to spread word of mouth and encourage customers to follow our Instagram and Facebook pages. The resellers should regularly post images on their pages clearly mentioning the brand name with products for brand promotion
  3. All the payments i.e. cash backs, discount amounts etc. accrued during a month shall be settled in the resellers account once in a quarter.
  4. No reseller should rebrand the products or remove the tags etc. from the products.



Please apply for our reseller program by mailing us on: [email protected] with your following details:

  • NAME
  • AGE


Once we get your mail, we shall verify your details and revert back with a contract which is to be filled signed and sent back.


After we receive your signed contract, we will onboard you and open your reseller account and issue you a reseller code and a discount code to start selling.

As a reseller, you can place orders on WhatsApp, e-mail or directly order on our website.

That is it. ..You are done!

Welcome to team Rosada.



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