Baby Boy Hoop Blue Hanging


Buy this Baby Boy Hoop Blue Name Hanging is the perfect addition to your nursery. It also makes an excellent gift for any newborn! Make sure to give your child the gift of personality with Name wall hanging.

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1 × Battery Copper Lights
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Name hanging is the perfect gift for any child’s room. With a one-of-a-kind personalized product, your child’s room will be transformed into a unique and exciting space. Rosada’s Name wall hanging offers a fantastic range of designs and colors, allowing you to choose the perfect one that matches your child’s room theme and wall texture/color. Not only that, but it also comes in a cute and compact size, which means it will not take up too much space in any place. Make sure to give your child the gift of personality with Name wall hanging.


  • Order Inclusions:  One Piece Name Hanging as per order
  • Measures/Size (Approx): Standard
  • Base Material: Corduroy/Felt/Velvet/Cotton/Nylon
  • Design Material: Corduroy/Felt/Velvet/Cotton/Nylon
  • Care Instructions: Brush clean or just wipe with a wet cloth


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